The American African

"I'm an American born East African, whose parents decided a few years back to return to the motherland, Nairobi, Kenya. Follow me home as I navigate my life as an American African, from California to Kenya."
Last updated June 3, 2018 | Kamikazi Muhire is the CEO of Kuuza Follow her on Instagram at @ikazi_productions

Episode 3 "What Do You Do Over There?"

Kampala nights and a surprise ending? Catch the final moments of the December trip in this episode!

Episode 2 "What's It Like Over There?"

Back in Kenya, Kamikazi is reunited with her family, and explores the Nairobi streets with her siblings. Catch this episode now.

Episode 1 "How Long Does It Take To Get There?"

CEO of Kuuza Here, Kamikazi Muhire, heads back to Kenya, to visit her parents. But the journey home is an adventure, in itself. Click play to watch now!