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About Us

Our Mission

Kuuza Here was created with a Pan African vision, an African heartbeat, and an American team of African and Black entrepreneurs dedicated to showcasing African products in the land deemed the melting pot of cultures: the United States of America. Our marketplace connects shoppers with one of a kind, high quality African and African inspired products, a portion of which travel from the Motherland to make it to your doorstep. 
We built our company in a time where solutions to overcome the oppression faced against the African diaspora, due to colonialism and slavery, are needed. Kuuza Here introduces Americans to African products while educating shoppers on the origin story - down to the country, tribe and hands that make each item. By doing so we create new opportunities for shoppers to invest in the economic strengthening of the African diaspora. 
In KiSwahili, Kuuza Here means “Sell Here,” and we believe entrepreneurs who have spent long hours working on their brands and products should create a free account on Kuuza Here to begin showcasing their creativity, innovation and passion on a platform that also dedicates efforts to their growth and exposure.
Shop Like You Traveled to any country in Africa, with one click.

"A lion can run faster than we can, but we can run farther."
Maasai Proverb

*The Maasai people live in Southern Kenya/ Northern Tanzania

Our Team

Wanjiku W. Muhire

Chief Executive Officer

Kuuza Here inspired me to get creative about how I can give back to my community, while sharing who I am with the rest of America. This site is the manifestation of everything my parents taught me culturally as an American born East African.

Garrett Graham

Chief Financial Officer

Kuuza Here inspired me because we were able to create an eCommerce site in a way that could largely support existing businesses that believe in the quality of African products. We want to empower others economically.

Jordan McClanahan

Dir. of Branding & Operations

Kuuza Here inspires me to help spread Afrocentric pride and culture while also creating financial independence for Black owned businesses

Jonathan Alingu

Director of International Sales

Kuuza Here is the dream that generations past worked endlessly to achieve. We are black owned, independent, and building towards self sufficiency to inspire the next generation. We are showing the world what Africa is on Africans terms.

Jabari Brown

Deputy Director

Kuuza Here has inspired me to venture out from the normalization of assembly line jobs and utilize the copious skills I have learned throughout my life to contribute my efforts of starting a new company. I also like knowing that I am aiding in the uprising and support of other Black/African owned businesses.

Amrit Sidhu

Legal Strategist

"I think in each and every one of us, there is a budding need to be creative and see tangible results of our collaboration and free thinking at play. I crave the opportunity to use what I have learned from my experiences, academics, and artistically in a way that really shows how unique and community oriented products can be. I am very happy to have found a platform to be 100% myself and have the freedom to create connections to communities and culture.

Jessica Jones

Content Developer

In the heat of this “new” Civil Rights Era with #blacklivesmatter and a slew of other social justice movements, Kuuza Here is a necessity in order to show the world that Africa is very much alive, wealthy, and beautiful. In my opinion, the media too often portrays African and diasporic nations around the globe as “poor” and “starving.” So, as a response, I think Kuuza Here as a company was created to say, “Hey, don’t believe everything you see on television,” as well as to show the world that the African Diaspora is full of entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, and creative minds in general.

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Become a Vendor

Kuuza Here is welcoming vendor submissions, and encourages African/ Black-owned businesses that sell afrocentric products to apply. We are looking to host products that represent every country in Africa and are always looking to expand our list of available products/ types of items we are offer at Kuuza Here as long as you can ship in the US.   

If you are interested in working with Kuuza Here please write to us at KuuzaHere@gmail.com with "Vendor Inquiry" in the subject line.